Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kitties Having Tea

I'll tell you, children can be sooo sweet in how they do things.  My husband had saved this round, wooden spool that wire came on (it's been around down in the basement for years--he saved it from the dumpster when the house was wired years ago).  We were cleaning out the basement a few weeks ago, and it was decided that our daughter could have the spool to play with.  Well, she painted it--red at first.  Yikes!  Too bright!  With a suggested wash of ivory paint, she obtained this pretty pink color (she did a good job for an 8 year old).  A small table cover that my grandmother made and a doily were the perfect table toppers.  I was later invited to her room to see that she had her little kitties all set up around her best tea service.  An on-going tea party has been the norm ever since!  


Unknown said...

Just precious, sweetie. How darling her talent so young.

Have a lovely weekend ~

Jean said...

That is so adorable. I love it. It just amazes me when my daughter at 12 does such creative things like this. I am so proud of her, she after all is like her momma!