Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vitamin D and Allergies

I know, I know...many people have many different opinions about vitamin pills. Some work; some used to be good which aren't now; some don't do a thing for you; some are super expensive; some are cheap; some do's hard to know what to take, what not to take, and IF to take. With all of the studies out about vitamin D, my husband and I decided to start taking it on a regular basis starting last winter. I take vitamin D3 at least 800 IU a day...some days more...but at least 400 IU a day (if the bottle is running low and payday is a long time away). We figured that cloudy days in Wisconsin happen a lot and sometimes it's hard to get out into the sun especially as the days get shorter. Now, I have miserable seasonal allergies and live on allergy meds from July to October. It's a hereditary issue--my brother and mother have had immunotherapy theirs were so bad. The one time in my life when my seasonal allergies weren't bad was during the two years my husband and I were living in Pensacola, Florida for college. I think it was because we weren't terribly far from the ocean and different things bloomed down there that I wasn't allergic to. Well, this year since July I have taken maybe 3 allergy meds. doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the connection here. We still live by that field next to our house. I still go out for walks. I still hang up laundry. I'm thinking it might be the vitamin D. It sure is cheaper and I feel better for me than all of those allergy meds. I will keep the D in my system and go for another trial run next year. HAS been wonderful to breathe and not sneeze and blow and have a runny nose this year. It has been an amazing blessing. Tune in next year to see if it just might indeed be that Vitamin D that eases these nasty allergies. Of course, I'm not a doctor, and, no, no one from the vitamin industry is paying me to make these comments, and it may not happen for you; however, this is simply my experience. So far it has been an amazing and very encouraging one.


Cottage Panache said...

Funny you should mention Vitamin D3! I have been having terrible allergies and this season has been the worst. Friday I got my lab results back and they said I was Vitamin D3 deficient! My doctor has instructed me to take 2000mg per day and now it all makes sense!
Thanks for sharing! :>Maureen

Beedeebabee said...

That's so interesting...I used to take a multi and some extra vitamin D. For some reason I stopped...I think I'll start again! ;)