Thursday, September 23, 2010

Plungers and Flush Ratios

My husband called me while I was in town the other day and asked me to stop by Walmart to buy a new plunger. He was plunging the kids' toilet (it's amazing what little kids are capable of doing), and, well, the old plunger broke. I bought one with a little holder since I figured we use it so much it might as well stay in the bathroom and look somewhat presentable too. Fast forward to last I was plunging the kids' toilet again (for the umpteenth time), my mind wandered to my parents. When they built their new house this past spring, my mom did this amazing and in Internet search and depth study into toilets--the size of the hole at the bottom, the flush ratio, the performance ratio, and all other information available regarding each and every toilet they were even considering. I thought she was nuts (sorry, Mom!). It NEVER would have occurred to me to study toilets before we put ours in several years ago. I was basically just concerned about the price and the color. It had to be "biscuit" to match everything else and couldn't cost too much. Well, my parents after much study decided on Toto toilets. They sound as if a person would go down the hole with each flush, but I believe they have never had to plunge. SO...all that to say this....perhaps Mom wasn't so crazy after all (though I hate to admit it!). If you are in the market to buy new toilets, I'd like to suggest that perhaps it would be a wise idea to research the ones you are considering so that you don't have to plunge several times a week like we do. Though I'm glad for the muscles I'm building, I'd rather not have to build them in this fashion. ; )

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Unknown said...

Doesn't it kill ya' when Mother's always right, or nearly? Chuckle! Been there, done this ... listen to Mother.

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TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon