Friday, April 30, 2010

Rhinestone Brooch Bridal Bouquets

Since I tend to gravitate to sparkly rhinestones...and especially to brooches...when I go to antique shops and estate sales, I guess it was a natural thing for me to notice the trend of rhinestone bridal bouquets. Now, I was very pleased with my bouquet when I got married 20 years ago. It had dried roses that my husband had given me (that I saved) and other dried flowers to fill it out. My mom did an excellent job on it, and it was gorgeous--very romantic and it held a lot of meaning. I liked the idea that I could save it (I was on the edge of the new idea of preserving floral bouquets) for always, and I still have it today stored away. Also, there was a Victoria magazine article--one of the first issues of the "new" Victoria, as I remember, though I can't remember the issue--that had bride's maid dresses with sashes. On the backs of the sashes the bride had purchased beautiful vintage rhinestone brooches for her attendants to wear. They added beautiful sparkle to the dresses for the wedding and were her gift to her ladies for being her attendants.
With those thoughts in mind, I have greatly enjoyed seeing the progression of the bridal rhinestone brooch bouquet. I like the idea of putting the rhinestones into, say, an organza or silk flower to add sparkle to the centers, or to simply make the whole bouquet one beautiful sparkling wonder. I love the fact that these bouquets are one-of-a-kind and keepable. Below are three of my favorite creators. Each has a different style and look...but I love them all.
One is Hair Bows Wonderworld on Etsy. Her creations are beautiful and very elegant. Here are a few of her stunning bouquets.
Another favorite Etsy creator (and fellow Wisconsinite, by the way) is Very Tres Chic by Paula Stanton. Her brooch bouquet has a definite "wow" factor to it and has lots of gorgeous, sparkling color. For anyone planning a vintage wedding, her shop is a must visit. Here is one of her creations.
The last Etsy shop is Croska which offers bridal bouquets with sparkles nestled within the bouquet for a unique look.
Whether you are looking forward to the big day yourself soon or know someone who is...or, if you are like me, and can't help just looking at beautiful, sparkly pieces created by very talented people, I'd like to suggest these three shops and the consideration of their handiwork. I can imagine a bride placing a favorite lady relative's brooch (perhaps the relative has passed away) inside her bouquet as a remembrance of her on the wedding day. Perhaps the groom gives his bride a special brooch that is then incorporated into the bouquet. The romantic and nostalgic side of me just bursts with thoughts of what could be done with these beautiful bouquets.


I see the bridge! said...

Oh wow! They are gorgeous, I had never heard of such a thing....and now I want one...really truly need one, despite the fact I am already married, loved my rose bouquet etc, etc, I still NEED one.
Thanks for the introduction...I think..
Kiss Noises Linda

Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing those awesome bouquets! WOW!

Kathleen Grace said...

Wow! These are spectacular! I LOVE vintage rhinestone brooches. I always add to my collection at summer garage sales. This goes in my wedding folder of ideas. (I have two daughters)

Rebecca said...

WOWEE! Those are sparkly bouquets for sure!
Have a lovely Sunday.

Back Porch Blessings,

Pearl Jewelry said...

So Beautiful the Flowers

Maria Barillaro said...

I LOVE the first bouquet. Can you send me some contact info! I would love to know how to get my hands on this for my wedding!