Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dusted and Rearranged

I'm not a big fan of dusting--in fact, I rarely do it! However, when I do have occasion to dust...like all the family coming over this coming weekend, so I had better dust...things certainly look great once done. So, this is the case with my hutch. It had a gray hue to it...a fuzzy gray hue...so it was time to dust. I also rearranged my teacups and teapots by adding some new ones (like the lovely blue flowered cup and saucer from my sweet friend in the UK, Paulina of Swept and Garnished) and putting away others for awhile. I'm pleased with the rearranged, dust-free look. Perhaps I should have company come more often!


Anonymous said...

Your hutch is so pretty & I see NO dust!! LOL!!
((When you get done with yours you can come & do mine!!)) LOL!!
Have A Wonderful Day!!

French Charmed ~ Chelle said...

Bonjour ~ Looks fabulous! Your post made me look around at my own dust covered house. I better get cracking! Thanks for the reminder ~ Chelle P.S. we are having another giveaway over here that you might be interested in!

Pauline said...

Oh Michele, what lovely tea-things :o) Yes, dusting is a drag but it sure makes things sparkle, lol.

God bless you.

Stella said...

Isn't company always a great reason to clean the house. Sometimes I just invite people over so I am motivated to clean. You hutch looks great.