Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Favorite Magazines

There are many pretty magazines out there, but my favorites and I think the most beautiful are Romantic Homes, Teatime, Victoria, and, when on the shelves, Romantic Country. Are any of these your favorites? Romantic Homes was very romantic in the past and had gotten into a "modern romantic" style with it's new editor. However, the past few issues have really been pretty. I love tea and anything relating to it, so Teatime is also a favorite. They have the most beautiful pictures of teacups and teapots and romantic party ideas. Their recipes are fun, yummy, and delightful to look at. I enjoy just about everything in Romantic Country. Their one and only fault is that they don't come out enough! I read in their most recent issue that they plan on having subscriptions which will be wonderful so that I don't miss out on an issue. With Victoria I had been a long-time subscriber and was saddened when they stopped issuing only to be delighted that they had begun again. I just received their May/June 2008 issue in my mailbox, their "blue and white" issue--lovely!

I thought I'd share some of my own blue and white (though more cream than white actually) from one of my bathrooms. It is actually my children's bathroom. Who says children have to always have little duckies and fish in their bathroom? Why not something classy? I had sort of a blank canvas for this bathroom, and thought a toile shower curtain in blue and cream (got it on Ebay); blue accents in the towels and rugs; and hints of antique gold on the shower curtain hooks, a towel, mirror/picture frames, and hand-stamped fern design on the walls would be pretty. What do you think?

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