Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another fun swap--swapping little itty, bitty things!

As you know...I just love little things. I'll post pictures of my printer's drawer sometime soon just to show how much I enjoy little things (got to dust it off first before any pictures though!). At there is a swap of little bitty things. Check out their blog for all the details, but here are their rules: Rules of Swap: You will be assigned 3 partners that you will send an alltoid size tin filled with little bitty things and you will also receive 3 tins filled with goodies. All of the items need to be able to fit in an alltoid tin or similar size tin. None of the items can be purchased new. The items need to be something you already own, something you find or thrifted. Message me with your name and email by May 15th and I will send you your partners soon after that. Happy Swapping!!!
Doesn't this sound like fun? My mind is already whirling about, thinking of all the neat, pretty little things to put in the tins.

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