Monday, June 1, 2015

Getting a Second Chance

I had found this teapot on Etsy a number of years ago and fell in love with it...but not with the price.  I just couldn't justify getting it.  You know the whole story...can't justify getting it, too expensive, don't really need it, etc.  I pinned it on Pinterest.  I kept watching it.  Finally it sold, and I regretted not getting it despite all of the excuses.  I looked for it all over forever after that--at thrift shops, at antique malls and stores, on Ebay, on Etsy.  I saw others similar...but they weren't THIS one and weren't as pretty to me.  Then...I walked into the thrift shop a little while back, and there it was sitting there waiting for me.  The price was great.  It is in perfect shape.  I'm so glad for second chances.  As silly a thing as it is, it was such a blessing to find.  I'm thrilled!  It is a such luxury not to mention something that I've wanted and looked for for quite some time.  I'm thankful that God is us second chances on things even in very little and, in the scheme of life, insignificant ways.


Stephanie said...

Oh Michele, what a beautiful and precious post. I, too, thank the Lord for second chances....what a sweet gift from Him.

Happy weekend, dear one. Hugs!

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Hi Michele - oh I adore this post! I was smiling ear-to-ear reading it, knowing you found something you treasured and admired as beautiful. It is serendipity.

Funny how we really find certain things absolutely amazing, and let it/them go - and occassionally obsess about the letting go part. I do that thrifting. I still think about things I didn't get that were just so good - either they were too lalrge and heavy and I drove the Mini Cooper that day, or too large to put in my cart so thought I'd get at end of shopping and forget, going back and finding it sold, or going to grab it and someone just ahead beat me to it, etc. etc. etc.

Thing is, I guess - the lesson is not to love any material thing too much, but let it go and put our energy towards pleasing God....and every so often "serendipity" will cross your path and that object of desire may be yours then. I think it makes us appreciate it so much more when the timing/price/size is just right for the taking then.

God bless - and thanks for your visits. They are greatly appreciated! Hugs!