Monday, August 4, 2014

Sucker for a Pretty Bottle

I've been to a few flea markets lately and am looking forward to a big one at the end of next week.  I even changed a doctor's appointment so that I can go to it.  Can't wait!! 

Anyway, this pretty bottle was in a group of bottles for a great price.  I was intending to sell it, but after a good wash it really looked great.  Isn't the label gorgeous?  I'm truly a sucker for a beautiful label.  If the label is pretty on a jelly jar...(and if money isn't an issue) I'll buy it.  If little mints are in a beautiful package...I'll buy it.  The glass stopper is pretty too.  I'm thankful that so many gorgeous things have passed through my hands, most of which have been placed in my shop.  Many were very hard to let go of.  Should this bottle go in my shop?  Nope, this one ended up on my dresser and is mine! 

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