Monday, July 8, 2013

The Culprit

For a few years now I've attempted to grow Morning Glories by our mailbox.  You have the mental picture:  twirling vines twisting up the length of our mailbox with loads of blue and purple and pink trumpet flowers hanging off.  Beautiful!  Well, this has just never happened.  Last year by September I had a one wimpy vine with two little blossoms on it.  I blamed the hot summer.  THEN...this year...cute as he is...we discovered why I never had beautiful Morning Glories and why I won't this year.....

Perhaps our mail carrier has paid this little guy off.  I suppose mail carriers get tired of buzzing bees and vines creeping around mailbox flags.  Whatever the case, at least I know it isn't my seeds or my lack of is this bunny and his whole family who have nibbled my Morning Glories down to stubs.  Oh, well, I guess this bunny had a truly lovely snack and our mail carrier can have an unobstructed mailbox to deliver into this year! 

1 comment:

stefanie said...

oh, do I know that feeling, we have LOTS of these guys and they have destroyed my front lawn, so bad that there are dirt patches where they dust themselves!!!