Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Blizzard is Coming

We really can't complain.  It IS the middle of December, and winter has to arrive sometime...and today and tonight and tomorrow is the time!  We're supposed to get up to 16".  Yikes!  It snowed a little yesterday, and it WAS pretty with big "snow globe" flakes falling coating the trees with a heavy coating of frosting snow. 

I did an Etsy treasury (thanks, Craft Cult for the widget below) to celebrate the snow coming.  Remember snow days?  Those were glorious days when school was cancelled.  There would be a dull sound outside...a muffling of all sound.  My brother and I would peak out behind the curtains to a heavy layer of snow...with perhaps more falling.  We'd listen to the radio and hear that school was cancelled.  Hooray! We got to sleep in...maybe have a hot outside.  No quizzes or tests that day.  What a great thing a snow day was for a kid!

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PlainJane said...

Enjoy your snow day Michele. It's a great day to do crafts!