Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our Montana Sapphires Arrived

What a delight to go to the mailbox...and to's them!  They came!  Remember many posts ago my post about finding sapphires in Montana on our trip last June.  We had such a great time.  Well, we paid for and parted with our daughter's big beauty and four of our own pretties.  They were sent overseas to be heat treated and cut.  You sort of "never know" when you do such things for the first time.  Will they really do it?  Will we ever see them again?  Will they switch these raw sapphires for pieces of glass?  Well, thankfully we dealt with a trustworthy company, Gem Mountain, and they did indeed arrive.

What do you think?  Our daughter's is the gorgeous beauty in the middle (just shy of 1 ct. at 0.9 ct. for perspective).  We will have it put into a ring when she is older and can truly appreciate it.  The other four are mine--two round and two princess cut.  They all differ a bit in color, but I don't care!  I'm just thrilled that they turned out so well and that they are here.  What a great memory!'s up to my dear husband to design something with a jeweler for me with these. ; )

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PlainJane said...

OHHHH, Those are BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE sapphires, in fact the main stone on my wedding ring is a sapphire, and that's not even my birthstone. That is neat that you got them cut & polished and they were sent back. :) What a keepsake! Thanks for sharing.