Monday, June 4, 2012

Roses, Flea Markets, School, and an Air Show

Well, Mom and I went the the Princeton flea market a week ago Saturday.  It was on one of the holiday weekends of the season and, therefore, supposed to be one of the best weekends to go.  Unfortunately it was stormy and windy, and we came home with very little.  While we still had fun, all of my favorite vendors except for one were not there!  Boo hoo!  So, this past Saturday we went to the little flea market here in town.  They have one the first Saturday of every month in the summer.  There wasn't a whole lot.  I did find some little mini tins to make push pins with, so that was worth it for sure. 

The kids worked hard--really hard--all last week to finish school, and they did it!  It was Friday evening before one of the kids finished...but we are done!  Hooray!  I will organize the books and records and store everything this week so that all of it can be well put away for the summer.  Of course, I will buy new curriculum at the end of the month, but at least nothing will be worked on until fall.  I'm very pleased with their hard work and efforts.  Now for a fun summer!

Speaking of are a few pictures of my rose bushes.  There are other varieties of roses on our property, but these are just what I got pictures of.  Can you almost smell them?  They are such a delight, and I so enjoy roses. 

Also on Saturday we went to an air show at a National Guard base not too far from here.  Our son loves airplanes, it was free, and any food we bought went to why not? 

 There were shiny airplanes, roaring engines, and amazing stunts in the sky.  It was a beautiful day, and we had a grand time.  Besides, the patriotic feeling was thrilling. 



LOVE your roses! How do you get them to bloom so pretty? Mine are in sad shape.
Darling tin pin! My dad made an airplane, so I like airplanes too!

PlainJane said...

Beautiful roses! I have a climbing heirloom rose that just started blooming in time for the open house, yea. I feel your pain on going to a favorite sale & being disappointed, we have an annual antique fair at our local fairgrounds every August and last year I was so looking forward to it, but my favorite vendors weren't there either. Quite disappointing. Please do share what you will be doing curriculum- wise next year. I always love to read that stuff. Have a blessed week!