Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some of my Favorite Brooches

I failed to show you what some of my favorite brooches are. As part of Linda's (A Swap for all Seasons) Mother's Day Brooch Swap, we were suggested to post our favorite brooches on Flickr. I did that but didn't post on here. So, here are some of mine. Many beautiful brooches have passed through my hands and into my shop and on to a good home. I wish I could keep them all (some were hard to sell)...but a person can only have so many brooches. Those in this picture are old, and I haven't yet been able to give them up. The little circle one is actually a picture frame. The long, narrow white one is enamel. I love the crown one with its purple and clear rhinestones. The little blue bird one is sweet and such a vivid shade of blue. The large flower one is from Portugal, and my grandfather brought it back to my grandmother when he came home from WWII. Of course, the sterling silver teapot pin is a favorite. Enjoy!

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kathy said...

Lovely treasures -- Have a great spring week !! KAthy - ga ♥