Friday, February 18, 2011

New Zealand's Quilt Symposium--Please Vote!

My sister-in-law, Debby, is an amazing quilter. I don't quilt in any shape, form, or manner...BUT I greatly appreciate the work that goes into them. She is not only an expert quilter, but has a website Quiltfever , invented a tool (for sale on her website) to make Mariner's Compass Stars super fast and easy (the Starwhiz--the YouTube demo is HERE), and is an instructor. She will be a tutor at New Zealand's Remarkable Symposium in Queenstown (probably one of my favorite cities in the world--beautiful place!) this April. Well, she submitted an entry into the symposium's on-line postcard quilt challenge. Will you stop buy and vote for her entry? She really has done a fabulous job. The picture on this post is her entry. Here is the link to the page in order to vote--CHALLENGE.

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