Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Forced Project

I realized--after the fact, of course--that it really can be okay to be forced to do something. A certain someone had a cup of milk in the refrigerator, and a certain someone else knocked it over today getting milk all over the place. It's amazing how much milk there can be in a small, plastic cup. Well, cleaning the fridge certainly wasn't on my list of things to do today. Does anyone put cleaning the fridge on their "to do" list? Mmmm...can't remember ever doing that. Anyway, whenever something spills, I clean it up then and there and move on, or if there is a dirty spot, I just clean it up. Well, after today's mishap, the whole appliance needed a thorough cleaning from stem to stern (who wants a refrigerator smelling sour?), and that's exactly what it got. Unfortunately, I could only get half of it done before having to go grocery shopping which made the task a little more difficult to complete, but it now looks spic and span. Besides, it's nice to know what is exactly in that fridge...not that things ever linger long in our refrigerator. Leftovers rarely languish for more than a few days. But, I did rediscover BBQ sauce on the door which I think I'll fix with chicken this coming week. So, the moral of the post?....drink all your milk so that it doesn't spill! ; )


deb said...

UUgggh! I dispise it when my kids put their cups in the fridge! They always enevitably get knocked over!
It's a good feeling to have it clean's to yoru clean fridge lasting longer than mine!
(I think it already has)

Pauline said...

No spilt cups, Michele, but my son have be known to not tighten the caps on milk before lying them on their sides, drip, drip. He's a grown man too :o(
Sympathies, lol.

Laurie said...

Good for you! I like to try to scrub out the 'fridge just before a "big shop" because there's less to take out, you know? I’m so glad you stopped by to visit and enter my giveaway! I'll bet you and I first "met" at OWOH a couple of years ago! - Laurie

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your milk mishap! It's one of those things that isn't easily solved, it just sort of unravels around you but now you have a nice clean fridge! :D

Thanks for dropping by my blog during the OWOH hop/tour!