Monday, July 26, 2010

Blueberry Picking

Well, we saw in the local newspaper that at the cultivated farm close by the time for picking blueberries was now. Trying to save a dollar, we packed our car with Dad and Mom and kids and dishes to put our blueberries in and a cooler and peanut butter sandwiches for lunch and headed off to the nature preserve about an hour away to pick blueberries. The preserve is free to enter, and each person is allowed to pick and bring out a gallon of blueberries a day. We were all drooling with the thought of blueberry muffins, blueberry pies, and blueberry jam. Mmmmm! Well, we got to the blueberries! We were greatly disappointed! The wild blueberries, contrary to the cultivated, were past--it was an early year...and sadly we had missed them. How disappointing! Of course, a bathroom break was in order, and surprisingly enough there were some toilets in the middle of this huge nature preserve. We stopped, and all got out only to discover that there were bushes and bushes of ripe blackberries about! Hooray! So, we picked blackberries instead (keeping an eye out all the time in case bears were lurking about). There were some amazing, huge, towering bushes, and we literally got right in the middle of them. Yes, we got terribly scratched up everywhere--I wore lightweight pants not jeans since I was expecting to pick blueberries. We had thorns in our hands and ticks all over us and mosquito bites (until we figured out we should put our bug spray on)...but it was worth it, and we had great fun. I've already made one batch of delicious blackberry freezer jam and will make more today. Yum!

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