Friday, June 4, 2010

Roses in Full Bloom

I was hanging out the laundry the other day when--*sniff, sniff*, mmmmmm!--my nose was full of the scent of roses on the light breeze (pictures above). Now, hanging out the laundry is a pleasant enough experience, but coupled with the scent of roses on the air, it is one of THE MOST pleasant of experiences. So, I took a walk around the house and took some pictures of some of my roses to share with you. I just love roses--their scent, their colors, their shapes...everything about them is wonderful (well, except for maybe those nasty thorns!). Enjoy!
These are on the far back part of our property and are wild roses from Maine.
These thorny beauties are on the side of the garage--they add lots of color and fill a wide empty space, the garage wall.
These are out front under our dining room window and make the room smell wonderful when the window is open.


stefanie said...

there is nothing better!

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Michele; Your Roses are just beautiful.... I can almost smell them now.... sniff,,,, mmmmmmmmm wish we had scratch and sniff have a great weekend.


Pauline said...

Dear Michele, thank you for sharing your beautiful roses with us. They look so delicate and fragrant. The Lord does make some beautiful things :o)

God bless your weekend.

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Michele! Your roses are simply stunning and so healthy looking. I can imagine how lovely they smell together with the air dried wash hanging on the line...heavenly for sure! xo Paulette