Monday, January 25, 2010

Snowflake Swap Goodies from Germany

First of all, I'd like to thank all who participated in the Snowflake Swap. It was my first time to host a swap. I was determined that no one would NOT get a swap package--and everyone who participated followed through on their words, were wonderful communicators, and sent their packages. Thank you to each of you. I hope you had fun.
I swapped packages with Stefanie from Germany (click HERE to visit her beautiful blog). I was very excited to swap with her....and little did I know how incredibly wonderful a package she would send me! I sucked in my breath upon opening the box and barely breathed while going through what she sent! Everything is absolutely beautiful. Her attention to detail in how she packaged everything, in what she made and chose, and in every part was amazing. I am so thankful. It definitely made up for the swaps in the past when I never received anything from my swap partners. Thank you soooo much Stefanie!
This is how beautifully she packed the box.
She knows I love tea...and was sweet enough to include a few bags for me--along with a beautiful tag. I can't wait for a cup.
This is an adorable jar (even the jar stuck to the theme of blues and whites) of glitter. The glitter looks across between snow and sugar. It is sparkly and beautiful.
She included a few yummy treats that I MAY share with my husband! The envelope that had her kind note was even a snow-themed card in a snow-themed envelope.
The snowflake ornament with "snow" in the center is painted white and even has fake snow on it--I really like it. She included sweet-faced snowman ornaments and a snow-white dishcloth (that is so pretty I almost to use it).
I thought this ice skate was a great idea. Stefanie made this ornament, and I will treasure it.
These are mitten napkins and will be used for a special tea sometime.
I felt like a little kid as I eagerly opened this little decorated matchbox. First of all, I think the matchbox is beautiful--complete with paper lace and a glittery snowflake. In it were these brilliant blue beads (mmmm, wonder how she knew I liked beads?) and these little crocheted flowers. I'm thrilled.
Don't you love how she packaged everything? She put such time and effort into it all, and I appreciate and enjoyed it immensely.
She included more little treats including a pretty picture frame, snowflake embellishments, snowflake ornaments made out of a loofah-type material, and absolutely gorgeous blue mother of pearl buttons.
The final items are these mirrored snowflake ornaments. I loved the packaging they were in actually, so I didn't take them out for the picture. They are just exquisite. spoiled me! Thank you again, so much, for everything. It was a fabulous swap!


Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

The swap items look so wonderful!! Have a fabulous week my friend!

Pei Li

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Michele; What a gorgeous box of goodies... I just love it all,, how much fun you are going to have with all that pretty pretties.... have a great week.


Stefanie said...

Hi Michele, I´m glad you like it!
Thank you for posting.
Finally I posted your lovely swap package today. Thank you for beeing my partner. Maybe we can do in future another swap.
I´ll come back to visit your lovely blog soon!

hugs from Germany