Saturday, December 5, 2009

Perfume Bottles and Romantic Homes Magazine

I always get way too far ahead of myself when it comes to reading my magazine subscriptions. I just got "Tea Time" in the mail...their January/February issue where they are talking about Valentines Day already...but I can't help it! All of this beautiful, fabulous information with pictures is sitting there waiting for me, and I can't resist peeking...then reading...from cover to cover!
Well, the January 2010 issue of "Romantic Homes" arrived, and I've already read through the whole thing. I couldn't help it. There is a must-see article about the home of one of the Layla-Grace co-founders, Wendy Estes, (the ornate white-with-pink-kissed-roses dresser is WAY, WAY beyond gorgeous), and there was a little article about perfume bottles. How can one resist an article about perfume bottles?
First, in the picture above, is the decorative glass "tray" that I have on my dresser. I don't use the things on it. It is basically just for decoration. I like the labels and the shapes and think it is romantic in every way.
The pink one with the heart-shaped topper I've had since high school and really like the color of the bottle AND the heart, of course.
The green one with the crown topper I bought in New Zealand at an antique store. It is a bath salt bottle actually with some of the salts still in it. I thought the crown was gorgeous and unique.
This is the perfume I use. My husband loved the scent...on another girlfriend, if you can believe that! LOL! But, no hard feelings at all, and I've worn it for over 20 years. He usually gets it for me for our anniversary when I'm out. I take great care not to waste it, and a bottle lasts and lasts and smells wonderful...oh, and makes me think of Paris!
These are little miniature bottles that I have sitting on this chintz plate on my dresser. You know...I can't resist anything in miniature, so a few miniature perfume bottles are a must. The Poeme bottle was given to me, and I like it for it's shape. The Paris miniature bottle, I've had for years and years. It was a "diamond" edition freebie with a Paris perfume purchase well over 10 years ago. My kids think it's a real diamond--wish it were!
Finally, this trio is an inexpensive set, but they look expensive, I think. The colors go perfectly with our bathroom colors. I love the crystal stoppers, and they sparkle and shine (when they aren't dusty!) and look beautiful when the sun is shining in our bathroom window. They just seem to glow.
I really do like and enjoy perfume bottles. I love their shapes, sizes, and labels. I don't have many perfume bottles, and those that I DO have aren't expensive ones. But, who needs to spend all outdoors to enjoy something pretty? Bottles and labels in many shapes and forms (like my glittery, shabby rose perfume label ornament--for year-round enjoyment) can truly add pretty spots of color and glamor to a home.


Pauline said...

Lovely bottles Michele. I used to collect perfume bottles too, a long time ago.
Please keep watching out for a little package I've sent to you ;o)

Have a blessed weekend, my dear friend.

Jocelyn said...

Beautiful bottles, and beautifully displayed.


Perfume Bottles said...

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