Thursday, July 23, 2009

A few Goodies from Yard Sale and Antique Shopping

We needed to travel light because, well, now that you have to pay for each piece of luggage, I was determined to be frugal and pack light. One thing I love to do while visiting my parents in Maine is going to yard sales and looking through antique stores. Not that I buy much, but the items seem to be different there than in the Midwest--older houses, older "stuff" to find. With a promise from my dear mom that we could do laundry whenever necessary, I packed particularly light (a hard task for me!) with room and weight to spare in each suitcase in order to fill them to the brim with good deals. My mom and I love to yard sale and peak into antiques stores together, so off we went bright and early four different days. I found some great deals on winter coats for both of the children and winter boots for one--even though it was a challenge squishing them all into a suitcase. How could I resist $1.00 for a warm coat and 25 cents for a decent, warm pair of winter boots?! Most of my finds were shoes and clothing for the children...but there were a few treasures for me that were inexpensive (all of these below cost less than $5.00) and quite irresistible.
One is the talc tin (and box!) above. It is in perfect condition and beautiful in every way. I don't know why some people sell such pretty things...but I'm tickled to have found it.
I found this book on Victorian crafts for 25 cents. I'm helplessly stuck in the romantic Victorian era because I can't resist its pages full of beautiful ideas. What a deal!
I love candle holders, and this brass one is from Italy. It features a thistle and should polish up well with my husband's Brasso.
Finally I'm a sucker for little cottages and have a collection of them in various forms and sizes on our mantle. This one turned out to be a Thomas Kinkade's Swanbrook Cottage for only $1.00.


blushing rose said...

Wow! You did good ... love the tins ... & the candlestick! Love Maine!! TTFN ~Marydon

Jeanne Oliver said...

You found some great treasures! I love the candleholder.