Friday, July 18, 2008

Tea and Crumpets!

You always hear about having "tea and crumpets"....well, what exactly IS a crumpet anyway? I was at our local grocery store and saw a package of crumpets and thought, "Well, why not try some?!" They remind me of across between a pancake and an English muffin with a taste unique and all it's own. I toasted mine and prefer it with butter (Mmmmmm, the butter melts down into the little bubble holes in the crumpet, so you need lots of it!) and actually with strawberry jam all smothered on it. Perhaps I should try to find a recipe for crumpets and make some myself. I'll have to buy another whole package of butter to fill all of those little bubble holes if I do! The yummy treat here is on one of my favorite teacup, saucer, and plate sets--Royal Albert's Old Country Roses. I found this set in an antique shop (lovely shop) in New Zealand. A person had purchased the teapot before I went to the store that day (very sad for me!), but I'm thankful to have been able to get these.

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Karen said...

Yummy tea and crumpets! You make it look so inviting! Love your blog. Have a nice weekend.