Monday, May 12, 2008

African Violets by Bathtub

You know, I really enjoy African violets. They can be beautiful all year long (certainly a pleasure during those long, cold, snowy winters) and come in an array of lovely colors. Their velvety, sometimes glittering petals either smooth edged or ruffly are a delight. I have a large tub next to a frosted window and have had a hard time in the past getting things to grow on the windowsill. I had this wonderful image in my mind of ivy or philodendron growing up a metal fence-like piece to look like a garden. Well, all of the greenery would always look terrible after awhile. I guess a frosted window isn't the best for leafy plants. So, I decided to try some African violets since they like lots of light but not necessarily direct sunlight (the status quo for this window). I certainly do not have my greenery-covered garden-like fence as once imagined, but, alas, those violets are just thriving here (as you can see from the picture)! The colors of the violets match the curtains wonderfully (which unfortunately you cannot see) and are also some of my favorite violet colors. Enjoy!

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