Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Listings

Been listing a lot of goodies on Lollishops and Etsy this past weekend. Whew! It is all done finally. It seemed to take me forever. I listed a few new brooches as well as many lengths of various colors of tatted lace found at an estate sale (blogged about that in a previous post).
The lace really is pretty...but not something I would use for awhile (though I'm sure I could come up with some use if pressed!). Hopefully it all can find a nice home somewhere where it will be used and loved and appreciated. I also got three brooches done and listed (two are seen above). I'm working on another little box--the colors are...well, think Limoges. I bid on two projects on Etsy--offering to custom create a little trinket box like the pink Victorian one in my shops--but I don't know yet if the people are interested.

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Duchess of Tea said...

Hello my darling, how is my favourite blogger, I hope life is treating you marvelously. As you know mine was a bit topsy turvy of late, but is slowly returning to normal. I thank you for checking in on me and for the kind comments you always leave behind, you are a dear friend. I am now off to read the posts I've missed on your blog.

Take care
Love & Hugs