Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Sale in My Etsy Shop

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pretty Button Cards and New Felt Pin

Mom and I went to a large antique mall this past weekend down around the southern boarder of the state.  It was our annual trek down there for a "girl's day".  It was loads of fun...and relaxing too.  I found some pretty button cards.
The card itself is pretty on this one not to mention the buttons.  I'm pretty sure the buttons are glass, but sometimes it is so hard to tell.
This little girl one is sweet along with the simple pink buttons.
This one is gorgeous.  Don't you just love that wedding dress?? 
Also, I completed another felt pin.  This is a depiction of a vintage Mason or Ball jar with fireflies in it.  Can you tell summer was on my mind while making this?  The ends and flight paths of the fireflies are in glow in the dark thread for extra fun.  I'll be listing this in my Etsy shop soon. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


....spring has arrived!  We have been waiting a long, long time, but these little crocuses that bloomed just this morning have shown me that spring is actually...truly...really here.  Hooray!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A New Chair for a Song

I finally...yes, finally...finished this chair.  It didn't take long.  The hard part was just taking the time to finish it.  The chair was a $1 find in all of its dark stained wood and orange and yellow striped glory.  The arms came off (not problem). 
A couple of coats of ivory paint took care of the dark wood stain (perhaps it needs a little sanding to give it a "roughed up" look though).  Our walls are ivory, so the chair had to be ivory. 
The braid was a thrift store find (it was in a bag of other notions for a few dollars).  The pretty green material was the end bits of a roll of material found at a different thrift store for $5.  I'm thrilled that there is some still left, since it's so pretty and versatile.  It will await a future project.  Anyway, with a hot glue gun and a staple gun, this was easy to do and finish.  Now we have a "new" chair in our bedroom! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Teatime Pretties and Happy Spring

First of all...happy spring!  Yes, it is finally here.  What a winter it has been!  That is one thing I like about March...the hope of spring (among other things!). 
I go shopping and rarely buy anything for myself.  I'm either looking for things for other people, or just shopping for necessities, or shopping for things to either resell or to make into something to sell.  Well, these pretties I actually bought for me. 
The teacup/tea mug is from a gift shop.  It reminds me of a Cath Kidston print, though this is not related to Cath Kidston at all.  I've been greatly admiring all things Cath Kidston lately--the flowers, the colors, the prints--on Pinterest and elsewhere, and this tea mug was just perfect (in fact, I'm drinking tea from it right now).  The mug really does make tea taste better....really!
This little single-cup teapot is from the local antique mall.  I had had my eye on it for awhile, picking it up every time I went by it.  Remembering the old motto "Buy it or you wish you had", it made its way into my hands somehow.  Now it is mine!  It is very small.  Chintz patterns have always been a favorite.  I'm delighted to say the least. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Bluebird of Happiness

What a delight it was to see this sweet little bluebird sitting in my cherry tree this afternoon! 
After such a long, cold winter, it is so nice to see all of the birds returning.  There are many now, and to hear their birdsong when stepping outside is wonderful.  We saw our first robin just this past week.  Spring really is on its way.  Do you want another delight?  Follow this link and watch a sweet hummingbird and her nest of three eggs. 
The live camera keeps an eye on this little family and their nest attached to a rose bush is in Orange County, California.  We have this cam link up on our computer during the day and keep our eye on this little lady and her eggs.  I can't wait until my hummers return--but not for another month or so. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

More Springtime Stitching

Just a couple more things I've been stitching up lately.  I was inspired by a hat (an actual hat) I saw on Etsy and decided to try out some brooches.  I have not made felt flowers before and saw a tutorial on Pinterest to learn how.  The hard part was making the flowers small enough for the hat.  Felt roses are on my agenda as well...but who can resist some pretty glass bead flowers?  These really are fun to stitch up...and, oh, so springy!  There are other projects rolling around in my mind as well; it's just finding the time to work them up that is the problem.  These little hats were only completed by a few stitches here and a few stitches there. 
I thought the yellow, white, and aqua were perfect springtime colors. 
This has an actual parakeet feather in it and a wee vintage mother of pearl pin.  Both of these are in my Etsy shop now.  Hope you like them!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

First Macarons

Oh, how could I forget?  Yesterday I had my first French macaron....three of them actually.  Okay, I had parts of three of them.  They were vanilla, raspberry, and chocolate.  Mmmmmm!  The "cookie" part wasn't anything like I expected.  I thought they would be more like a meringue with a hard shell to it.  I purchased them at a health food grocery store, and they were just fabulous!  I shared part of each with my kids and husband and parents...and they were small too.  I so wanted everyone to have a nibble and try them as well.  Unfortunately, (for my waistline) I now like them and may have to get more in the future (only the entire macaron will be for me!). 

Catching Up

It HAS been awhile since posting.  There have been so many things that have gone on in our lives the past few months.  I suppose some catching up is in order.   This cannot be done all in one day or even in one week...that would be too overwhelming for us all, really.  So, I will start in little bites.  First of all, I'll share some crafts that have been completed lately.  I've tried my hand at a few cuffs.  What a lot of work! 
This one I loved seeing go together.  I had purchased these pretty vintage metal roses and couldn't wait to use them in a big way.  This cuff/bracelet turned out really well.
Then, this bridal one took forever to finish--many hours of embellishing.  The white embroidery on it ended up looking almost like lace.  With its pearly accents and glass beads, it shimmers and shines--perfect for a wedding day.  They are both in my Etsy shop.  These took so long to do, however, that I've moved on to some other felt projects.  Those will be in another post though.  Hope you like these.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Calendar, New Year

As is tradition, I got our new calendar for the year....'s always this Teapot calendar, and we always get it after the holidays so that it's 1/2 off the price.  How's that for cheap?  The pictures in this calendar are just so pretty, and it is hung above our telephone/computer area just off the living room/kitchen.  The pictures are works of art in and of themselves, and I enjoy each month...all month long.  One year there was a witch teapot which was nasty...the only one I can remember that I really didn't like.  I simply took the picture from a previous month and hung it over that particular teapot for that month.  I'm totally lost without our calendar--keeping track of birthdays, when my husband is working overtime or has training, and when the kids have lessons and things going on.  Hope your new year has started out well!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Sorting, Crafting, Organizing, Etc.

Well, that craft show actually put me in a "I don't want to do anything else" mood.  Guess all the making and preparing and doing of it wore me out a little.  Thankfully there were some sales from my Etsy shop at the beginning to middle of December.  I've made a few things...but lately I haven't done much.  I just finished this embellished key the other day.  Found the chain at a local antique mall and just knew it would go perfectly with the vintage jewelry piece, and it all went together quite nicely (it's in my shop HERE).

Otherwise, I've been working on my taxes so that I'm not overwhelmed with them next month.  Taxes stress me out a little, so I decided to organize all of my paperwork at the end of each month this past year so that once January rolls around there would be only a few series of 12 numbers to add up rather than hundreds!  I got a little behind this fall so had to catch up on October and November's figures. 

I've also been organizing my craft "studio" as it is affectionately called.  It really became a disorganized mess before my craft show, so slowly it is becoming more organized.  It has been amazing to discover, well, rediscover,  the things that are in that room, things under other things and long forgotten. 

We're getting more snow--more in the forecast too.  I guess it is December, and that is to be expected.  I'm looking forward to a fresh, new year coming up in just a few weeks.  Happy New Year!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

First Craft Show

Mom and I were in a craft show last Saturday.  What a lot of work!  Whew!  Mom has been in craft shows most of her life, and I remember going to many of them...sitting with her, helping her, etc.  They I got married, moved out of the forward 24 years.  She hasn't been in one since moving out here with us, so we thought it was time.  We had been going to this one particular show for the past few years.  It looked like a good one--no Tupperware, no Pampered Chef....just all handmade crafts at this show.  We liked that. 

I had worked hard deactivating things from my Etsy shop, tagging items, and organizing for several weeks.  I made two more vintage jewelry wreaths as well as a few other things.  Of course, Mom had many things to put in too...our little table was packed!  It was a sunny day but bitterly cold, and I know that kept some people home.  We did okay...of course, I wasn't exactly sure how it would go.  You always hope to sell,, EVERYTHING, and that rarely happens.  It was a good experience. but we haven't decided if we will do it again next year...probably though!