Monday, July 6, 2009

A Visit From New Zealand

My brother (and only sibling) is a preacher and teacher in Blenheim, New Zealand. He has started two churches there and hopes to hand the present one over to a Kiwi soon. He also started a Bible Institute several years back. Having lived there for 17 years, New Zealand is his and his wife's home--where their permanent residency is, and they truly love the people there. His four children (three of which were born there) all have accents (though they think I'm the one with the accent). Well, he and his oldest are here in the states to get things set up for college this fall. The rest of the family will arrive later this week to spend about six months here in the States. So, since Friday night my brother and nephew have been visiting with us (and brought us all matching t-shirts as you see above). How grand it has been! I can't remember the last time I spent July 4th with has been over 20 years at least. We've had a wonderful weekend laughing, talking, remembering, passing stories back and fourth. My nephew is super with my two young kids (who absolutely adore him) and a fine young man. It's so long between visits--years sometimes--and I'm thankful for every moment that we have to be with them. Over the years I have learned it is better to be thankful for what I have when I have it than to complain about what I don't or can't have, so I am truly thankful for our visit and am enjoying every moment to the fullest.

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blushing rose said...

Enjoy your visit ... then pop over for a visit with me. TTFN ~Marydon