Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Tea Time Tidbits" Special Posting #6

My favorite kind of black tea is, of course, the kind I grew up drinking. This tea is Red Rose tea. Lipton is fine and will definitely work if need be, but I think that Red Rose has a better, richer flavor. It used to be a Canadian tea, and growing up in Maine, Red Rose was always available and not that expensive. I can find it in the grocery store here in Wisconsin, but the boxes are smaller than the 100 count and are more expensive. Thankfully my mother and grandmother keep me well stocked and either bring or mail me some from time to time. As an extra treat, for years each 100 count box has included a little Wade figureine. It is always fun to find an extra treat (think Cracker Jack boxes) when you purchase something, and like a little kid, I look forward to opening a box to see what sweet figurine may be included with all of the yummy-smelling tea bags. And, you know what else? I like the name! ; )


blushing rose said...

Have you ever tried Stash's Black Tea ... ohhhh, how that aroma of g'ma Maggie's tea steeping in the teapot rushes back with every whiff of this wonderful tea. Stash is on the internet out of Portland, OR, I believe.

TTFN ~Marydon

Nancy said...

Funny you should post this as I was talking about Red Rose over the weekend. We tend to buy Lipton because it is easier to find and often on sale-but lately the taste seems different. I was also raised on Red Rose and prefer it! I was a collector of little treasures and put them in my printer's rack.