Friday, July 3, 2009


We went strawberry picking yesterday. It has been a very long time since we actually went and picked. Either we missed the picking times, or the children were too young to pick with us, or the weather wasn't right...whatever the case, we really wanted to go this year. The kids did a great job making sure their little boxes were filled with the best strawberries, and we filled three large boxes full of the yummy treats. The car smelled sweet and wonderful and so now does our house. I'm processing them now. Some I will freeze whole for strawberry shortcake and over ice cream. I will make jam perhaps this weekend and enjoy the bubbling strawberry scent filling the kitchen knowing that we will enjoy the jam on biscuits and toast this fall and winter. Of course we will have our bowls of strawberries with milk poured over them for breakfast this morning. And finally, I have a real urge for two-crust strawberry pie which I haven't made for years. What a delicious Fourth of July weekend this will be!

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