Monday, July 27, 2009

"Tea Time Tidbits" Special Posting #7

Well, today around 2:00 a thunderstorm was brewing outside, so I decided it was time to brew something inside--some tea, of course! I announced to the kids that we would be having a tea party, and a tea party we had! It was simple with black tea with milk and sugar and some Walker's petticoat shortbread cookies, but who needs something fancy to have a tea party? I was in the mood for my blue flowered teacup and saucer that I found in Canada the last time we were there. It is a rather modern company, but I love the old, chintz-like look that it has. For my son, well, I used the most "masculine" teacup I have--a Royal Albert design that has grapes scattered on it and says "Grapes" on the inside. I suppose now that he is getting older I really must find one with a hunting scene or fish or dogs or something. Then, though she's almost six, the smallest member of the family used the smallest teacup and saucer to match her little appetite, and one that is indeed her's. It is a petite, delicate, almost transparent teacup and saucer with an understated gold trim that comes from France. We each had two petticoat sections, and while it rained outside, we had a most enjoyable time!


blushing rose said...

You have Walker's ... I'm running to get there, wait for me! TTFN~ MArydon

parTea lady said...

That sounds like a perfectly lovely tea party. The cups and saucers are so pretty, as is the delicate lacey tablecloth.

I like shortbread, but I never seem to think to eat it except around Christmas.