Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year...New Calendar

A new year means, of course, a new calendar. I can't bear the thought of paying full price for a calendar, so we usually wait until the last week of December to buy our new ones at 50% off. The kids each got one for their rooms and one for their school desks, and I got my favorite "Teapot & Tea" calendar. I really love this calendar. If I'm going to put something up on a wall in my home--visible to all--it must be pretty and be in keeping with the decor of my home. This calendar certainly fits the bill. Each month is gorgeous...although this year unfortunately Joni has included a very ugly witch teapot for the month of October. I was so disappointed! This is one thing I have liked in the past about this calendar in particular...each picture was very general for the entire month...not just one day of that month. I think the October teapot is SO ugly, that I am taking a favorite picture from 2010 to paste over it. I don't do Halloween and definitely don't do witches and don't want to see that all month! Anyway, otherwise each month is beautiful and interesting in every possible way. Now I am taking the time to convert anniversary and birthday dates from the old calendar to the the new one (if I didn't write them down, I'd forget for sure), my husband's schedules, appointments we've made already, etc. Oh, happy new year to everyone. I hope it is a good one for you.


Graceful Rose said...

Michelle, I just found your blog and visited because I love teacups and anything related to tea. I also love the Lord and am so thankful for my salvation and the blessings I have from the Lord. I love your calendar,can you tell me where you got it? Can I get it online? I live in a small town and there is nothing there like that. Come visit me when you can at gracefulrose.blogspot.com.
Happy New Year and have a great day.

Pauline said...

Happy new year, Michele. I don't have a callender or diary yet. like you I prefer to wait until the price fall. I don't do halloween either, so good thinking ;o)

Have a blessed day, my friend.