Friday, January 28, 2011

Birthday Cake Earrings

Probably about 8 years ago I reallllllly needed some creative rejuvenating and to get out of the house. My son at the time was around two, so with my husband's encouragement I took a cake decorating class--the 1st Wilton class (I also took the 3rd Wilton class right afterwards--someday I'll take that 2nd class). Besides having an absolute blast (boy, did we eat a lot of cake!), I learned that my teacher played the violin AND taught violin at a small Christian college in a town between Madison and Milwaukee. I wrote down her email address. I had always wanted any children of mine to learn the violin because I saw it as a nice challenge and because music was going to be an important part of their homeschooling. It was amazing that this nice lady not only taught violin but with a Christian perspective so that our music values would be the same.
Fast son at age four (our daughter too when she was four) began violin lessons with this lady, and we have been going to her these past five years. We get this teacher a birthday present every year because, well, she deserves it. Last year she joked that she should get cake earrings to wear just one day a year--on her birthday. Mmmmm...note to self.

Well....voila! I found these adorable cake earrings on Etsy at Inediblejewelry. They are so appropriate because not only did she joke about having a pair last year...but I found her at a cake decorating class. I love the detail and colors...and, yes, those colorful sprinkles. They did a fabulous job (check out the "cake" part--it looks so real). I'm pleased as punch and can't wait to give them to her. What do you think?

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