Saturday, January 8, 2011

Back from a Door County Anniversary

This past Wednesday was our 21st wedding anniversary. I have now officially been married more years than I was unmarried. My husband and I got married when we were 20. My dad had to give his permission to stay at an inn for our wedding night because we were under 21! Anyway, this past Wednesday we went to Door County which makes up the end of the peninsula that juts out into Lake Michigan. We love it there--no big box stores, small shops and cafes everywhere, a much slower pace of life indeed, beautiful landscape, etc. In January there is a VERY slow pace with most places closed, but we found a nice place to stay with a warm indoor pool and a pretty view at a most reasonable price (hey, there were only 2 other people staying at the place when we were there). There were a few thrift shops open that my dear husband took me to--and I found some definite pretties to put in my shop or to make up as tacks or to embellish with. I'm tickled with that. I'm thankful we could get away...and thankful for my husband and these wonderful years we've had together. I'd marry him all over again! He's a blessing, and I praise the Lord for him and our marriage.

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