Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Thrill of the Hunt--Collections!

I have several collections, and this tea strainer collection is one of the them (my other collections have and will come in other posts). It isn't exactly a huge collection right now, but each piece is special to me. When I collect something I have my own little rules I've made for myself, some of which are 1) it HAS to look great/pretty/classy, 2) can't be too pricey, 3) must look good grouped together, and 4) absolutely MUST "speak to me". So, this collection is small and particular, but I'm thrilled with the discoveries thus far (and I'm certainly keeping my eye out for more only in different shapes, sizes, etc.). I love tea and little houses and hearts, so these are perfectly suited to what I enjoy. My husband is convinced that I'm part raccoon because I think it is great fun being on AND I am always on a hunt for something at all times...the quest...the thrill of hunting, you know how it is, and I will scavenge just about anywhere to find what I like (as long as there is a little extra cash to actually BUY what I find if I look in a shop). What do you collect? I'd love to hear about it. ; )


Gossamer Creations said...

I love your heart shaped tea strainer, I have not seen one like it before. Nice collection.

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Michele; Love your tea cup. I love to collect tea cups, tea pots, vintage linens, hankies, lots of things I guess. lol But I agree with you they must speak to me..


the wild raspberry said...

have i told you how much i love tea?! your collection is great.

milk and cookeez said...

I love the tea house diffuser-how cute is that???
BTW I updated and your IT :)Thanks for participating :)