Thursday, February 26, 2009

French Garden Gate

I love baths and am very blessed with a wonderful bathtub. It is big and sits in a corner of our bathroom. A window is on the left (frosted I might add!), a tall blank wall is at the foot and head, and a blank, 2/3 wall is on the right. There is enough room to look out into the rest of the bathroom. I truly feel as if I am in a secluded haven whenever I take a bath. Sometimes I light candles. Sometimes I use bubbles. Just the trickle of the water coming from the faucet is soothing, and I truly feel secluded, quiet, and peaceful there. *Ahhh* I have posted in the past about the small garden gates I placed on the window sill. I am still working on finding just the right glass beads, etc. to put on that, so I will post about that another time. However, I found this metal gate to put on one of the blank walls. They were just too tall and blank! I chose the wall at my feet to decorate first because, well, I wanted something pleasant to look at while in my little haven. I bought this gate at Hobby Lobby. It is roughly 2 feet wide and 2-1/2 feet tall and is quite sturdy since it is solid metal. I spray painted it a dark, mossy green to match the other colors in my bathroom and twisted raspberry-colored beads on metal wires around it to give the impression of growing flowers on vines. I am quite pleased with this French garden gate and how it transforms me to another peaceful land, another beautiful place while soaking in my hot bath.


Cottage Rose said...

Hello Michele; Wow it has been awhile since I have been by. Shame on me. I so love that gate and how you fixed it. I would just love to have a huge bath like yours. I am a bath girl myself..


Wanda said...

That's pretty nifty. It looks great.