Saturday, February 21, 2009

If You Like Jewelry and Want to Be Proactive...

Would you be interested in taking industry surveys and have the chance to win incredible jewelry in the process? I think I'm really a frustrated jeweler. Thankfully I have the outlet I do with my little business...but gems and jewelry just fascinate me. I don't actually want it all...I just enjoy looking at it. Anyway, about 2 years ago I signed up with the Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council to participate in industry surveys. They are free and most fun. I have the opportunity to voice my opinion on trends, names, fashions, etc. in the jewelry industry. I also have the chance with each survey to win fabulous jewelery prizes. I have not won a prize yet, but the surveys are fun and the "hope" of winning keeps me going. This is NOT a scam. This is NOT invasive (I never do and don't have to fill in the button saying what my family brings in for income). People DO win/earn fabulous jewelry prizes--drawings are held every other month and are worth from hundreds to over a thousand dollars (we can see pictures of the people who win along with their new bling), and we are given reports on the results of our survey answers.

Those who participate in the surveys (me!) are encouraged to give e-mail addresses to the JCOC so that they may in turn e-mail these people with an invitation to participate in their surveys. Other than my mom (*love you, Mom*) I would not give anyone's address to the JCOC without asking first. So....if you are interested in participating in these free surveys for the chance to win beautiful jewelry and are willing for JCOC to send you an invitation to participate, please e-mail me at and just put "JCOC" in the "RE" bar and I will put your address on the list to receive an e-mail from JCOC. You may visit their website for more information at, i
f five people sign up who I refer, I actually receive a gift from the JCOC and would really appreciate it if I could refer you. I hope many would like to do this since it is great fun. I look forward to hearing from you, thanks!

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