Friday, February 20, 2009

Springtime Cupcakes

I needed to provide the treats for a ladies' meeting at our church last night. I know it is only February, but since I'm just too eager for spring to come, I decided to make some springtime cupcakes. They needed to be yummy, pretty, perky, and flowery, I decided. First, I started with a "confetti' cake mix so each bite would reveal pretty color.
Then I used fluffy white frosting and put a thick layer on each cupcake.
Then to make the flowers I used gumdrops. I first put a nice pile of sugar on the waxed paper since they are so sticky especially the more you work with them!
I started rolling them with a rolling pin but soon realized that simply squishing them with my clean, sugared fingers worked better than than rolling pin which the gumdrops liked to stick to.I cut the flowers and leaves out with little fondant cutters, but you could use any small cookie/canape cutters that you have. I had to poke each flower and leaf out of the cutter with a knife despite the sugar, but it worked out just fine.
I ran out of time and resources for the centers of the flowers...but I thought they really should have a center of some sort. Little silver dots or candies (had neither on hand) or even piped frosting (no time) would have looked better, but I used a toothpick and some leftover frosting to add little centers. The possibilities are endless with gumdrops, frosting, different sized cutters, and a little time to make pretty cupcakes. Try them for yourself for a springtime tea, church ladies activity, shower, or other activity where the treat should look lovely.


Brook said...

I was not sure how to contact you? You are a winner at The Red Chair Studio. I need your email so I can have your address. Thanks, Brook
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Anonymous said...

They look really good and I'm hungry now! :)

Ryan Ashley Scott@Optimistic Cynicism said...

How cute! I would never have even thought about using little cookie cutters and gumdrops for decoration.

The Cookie Girl said...

Very cute cupcakes. I like the gumdrop flowers.

SweetAnnee said...

Oh they look too pretty to eat.But I would!!

Thanks for the congrats too..

smiles, Deena

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Love the cupcakes! Thanks so much for participating in my Creative Inspiration Giveaway. And good luck!