Monday, November 10, 2008

A Once-Again Clean Chandelier

I have one chandelier in our entire home (would love to have more). It is in our dining room which is a several-sided room, our "turret room" we call it. It has a ceiling that goes up to a point covered by wood. Our lovely chandelier dangles from the center. It is a difficult room to determine exactly how low the chandelier should hang...and it really is not low enough. That said, to clean it or change one of the bulbs is...mmmm, a challenge. It involves putting a ladder on our kitchen table then climbing the ladder to close to the top to clean the crystals and change those bulbs. I had just said to my family how I couldn't believe none of the bulbs have blown out since moving into our house four years ago...then two days later one blew out! Now there was no excuse not to clean it. Thankfully my dear husband got to the top of that ladder and helped clean it and change those bulbs. It looks like new now! Oh, how it sparkles, and I am reminded how lovely and beautiful chandeliers really are!

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