Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tea Time Magazine and Beautiful Chintz

I just KNEW when I opened my mailbox and saw the July/August issue of TeaTime magazine that I'd love it. I love chintz and quickly flipped over to the article "A Summer Hat Tea Party" that the front page was taken from.  It is just lovely!  The chintz tea set is beautiful.  I enjoyed reading through the recipes as well--especially the summer hat peach pies (adorable) and the blueberry buckle.  I tried the blueberry buckle recipe this past week.  We enjoyed it for breakfast for two days (we liked it better cold).  It was not only easy but super yummy.  Sorry, I didn't get any pictures of it.  Just trust was good.  Anyway, the magazine was a great issue.  I learned a lot about Darjeeling (very interesting), spoons (looking forward to the next feature on miniature and soup spoons), and found some ideas on tea party themes.  I made some scones for hubby's work from a previous issue of TeaTime (raspberry lemon scones).

They were a little involved to make and had rich ingredients but turned out really well and were very tasty.  I liked that the recipe used fresh raspberries and had a sugary lemon topping that was tart/sweet on the top and had pretty flicks of lemon zest.  I send them off with lemon curd.  Yum!  Check out their website if you'd like to find out more information, get some free recipes, or perhaps order their bimonthly magazine (*credit* The picture at top is the front cover of TeaTime magazine and is their work and property.).

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