Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Forget TV...

...THIS is entertainment! I'm only putting the link because I don't want anyone to have any computer problems...but this is a worth go-to (you'll have to put up with an advertisement when you first get on). It is a live, streaming video of an eagle's nest in Iowa. We have had such fun watching them. There is the mom and dad, of course. Two of the little chicks have hatched and one will hatch eventually, we hope. The babies are so fuzzy and sweet--my kids just love them. We saw one eagle bring some food, and the other eagle feed the babies several times....and it's live...real. Yes, there is plenty of time during the day when one eagle or the other just sits on the nest keeping the little ones safe and warm, but it is worth keeping an eye on during the day. This has been not only educational but fun. Enjoy! Decora Eagles-Ustream

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Pauline said...

Hi Michele, thanks for sharing. How beautiful these creature are. And I can't believe the size of the nest! A real education. Thanks again :o)