Friday, April 1, 2011

Finally Listed My Hand Beaded Lamp Shades

Yes, I've had these for awhile. To be honest, I didn't want to list them because I am concerned about how to safely ship them and the cost involved with that. After much thought I think I've figure out how to ship them so that they arrive to their destinations, if and when they sell, clean, economically, and safely. I did put a good deal of work into hand beading each one. It was fun, and I like how they look. Hopefully others will like them too.


This fun little chandelier shade has glass bead "sand", iridescent shells, and light blue "starfish".

This one has a cottage/shabby chic look with light green vines and leaves and milky pink glass flowers.

This one is elegant with glass bead flower clusters in various colors.

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Graceful Rose said...

Michelle, your lamp shades are lovely. I especially like the green cottage one, it matches my LR. I wish you luck with selling them.