Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Fun Estate Sale

I have certainly been neglecting this blog a know how life gets. We've added another homeschool activity to our week which has been just great--but takes up time. I have been working on the Lollishops February challenge which is due soon. I'll blog more about that on another post when they are ready.
I did manage to go to another estate sale this past weekend. It wasn't as much fun without my mom along who was out of town, but it was fun none the less. There were some interesting things, and I saw this (see above) box on the counter by the lady who was helping with the sale and asked if it were for sale. She said that she needed to ask her husband because they were thinking of saving it for a relative who was a teacher. So, I gave her my name and number saying if the teacher DIDN'T want it I definitely DID. So, I meandered around the house...yes, praying that if the Lord thought I should have it that He would change their minds and allow me to buy it now. I was ready to leave and thanked the lady for taking my name and number. "You're leaving now? Let me ask my husband about that box again." Well, the husband said I could just have it...for $10. Yippee! An answer to prayer! I could hardly contain myself. It is full of rhinestones and beads and antique buttons and beautiful old broken jewelry bits. The person who owned this has been collecting sparkles for a very, very long time, and I'm thankful to have it. My mind is swirling with ideas! Now, if I can just find the time....


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful treasure trove you found. I hope you found something that you just can't live without!!
Have a great week!!

French Charmed ~ Rochele said...

WOW! What a fantastic find. Lots of little treasures in that box! Hope you have a fun week going through your box ~ Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is much appreciated! ~ Rochele

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

what a lovely find, the brooch with the aqua stone in the middle immediately caught my eye, pearl and diamente choker, sparkle and bling, you did do well, congratulations.

Cathy said...

O.K. That's the most amazing lot of treasures I've ever seen for $10. YOU GO GIRL. It always helps to say a little prayer.

xo Cathy

Marie said...

Oh Michele, what an amazing find!! I can't wait to see what you do with it all. How very wonderful!! xxoo

Piney Rose said... I would have just been on cloud 9 to get that box - aren't you glad you went? I often think of the ones I'm missing and what treasures I might have found!!!

the wild raspberry said...

oh wow...that is one fantastic box of treasures!
i'm so ready to hit some auctions!!

The Little Red Shop said...

That is a great find, indeed! Congratulations!

: )

Julie M.