Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Estate Sale, Thrift Shop, and Antique Shop Goodies

It has been SUCH fun having my mom live closer to us now. I get out more! Yes, and I even get out without the kids from time to time. I'm having too good a time! Anyway, Mom and I have sort of been on a thrifting spree lately. We've gone to thrift shops, antique shops and malls, and so far one estate sale. It's amazing what and how much you can get without having to spend an arm and a leg. We went to an estate sale last Saturday...got up before sun-up....traveled 50 minutes...waited forever....and finally were allowed in. We learned a few important lessons...get up BEFORE the sun gets up...take a bag or two for the goodies...and take something to do while waiting. It was an organized sale, so I was concerned what the prices would be like. They were very reasonable, however. We were #84 and #85 to get in which was disappointing, but there were still some goodies left. The early birds get the worm! I sort of enjoy the totally disorganized estate sales because I love plowing through boxes and going through things to find those little hidden treasures for sale, but this one was fun too. Most treasures I look for are to try to resell...but most of these I'm keeping for myself because I like them so much. Here are some found recently....
This little tiny box is from Austria and is pretty petit point/needlepoint. This type of stitching was inspiration for my bead business, so my eye flew directly to this. It was a great price at an antique shop.
This little blue glass perfume bottle I found at a thrift shop for a song. I cleaned it up and am going to give it to my grandmother. She has blues and purples in her bathroom, so this should look great there.
I couldn't resist these buttons. I'm always on the look out for pretty buttons. I'm not sure what exactly I'll use them for or if I'll sell them, but I do like them.
This teapot was remarkably still at the estate sale when we went in...and it was only $5! Mom and I like to think that the Lord kept it sitting there waiting just for me. ; )
This little jackknife was at the estate sale as well. The blade which is a little rusty snaps into a tortoise shell holder, and I believe this is it's original box--a box from a jeweler/optician (that's what it says on the cover) from the Madison, Wisconsin area. It is less than 1" long, and I believe it must have been a charm or something since it has a loop on the end.
Finally, these little baby pins or lingerie pins as they are called (depending on who you talk to) were an irresistible find (all were on the same card for one price) at an antique mall that was having a store-wide sale. They are quite small, the largest measuring 1-3/4" and the smallest 7/8". The one with the pearly "grapes" and leaves is quite a curiosity since the grapes dangle from the pin. I'm not sure if the turquoise one is actually a stone or a glass bead. It is pretty nonetheless!
The largest one has this curious marking on it that I can't find who or what it stands for or what it means. If you know, I would be most appreciative if you would comment on this post and tell me. Thank you so much!
So, there you have the latest finds...as well as the ones I've been listing on Etsy--lots of glitz and glamor. Hope you've enjoyed the post! ; )


Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Great buys!! I LOVEEE the teapot. It's so pretty, and can't imagine it's only $5!!

Have a great week!

Pei Li

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

Love your teapot.

Marie said...

Some beautiful buys there Michele! I think I love that little embroidered box most of all! But again . . . those pretty buttons are also really sweet!

Pauline said...

You found some lovely thing, Michele, my favourite has to be the teapot :o) I doubt if I would have the patience to wake up so early...maybe if it was summer, lol.

God bless you.

Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

Wonderful Treasures ~ I'm with You, I like the Huge Tag Sales when things are Less Organized, I think you get some great prices there ~ the Estate sales, Know what things are worth & price them so.... But still Great Bargains
Glad your having Fun with Your Mom

Patti said...

Hi Michele! You found some great stuff! I love that little box as well and the teapot- is adorable! Happy searching...and have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog and post..have to check out and bookmark your shop!