Thursday, October 22, 2009

Would you put a small ad on your blog?

Would you perhaps like to earn a little bit of money? May I draw your attention to the little ad (about Christian Counseling Degrees) on the right just below the bouquet of flowers under the blog archive. I have agreed to keep that little ad on my blog for one year...and because of this I have earned $65 deposited into my Paypal account. No pay per clicks. Easy. Too easy, you say. Well, I heard about this legitimate advertising company a year ago through Sadie on the Lollishops forum. I've had two ads similar to this on my blog for the past year which have now expired. When those were posted and verified, I received $200 for both of them. This year, I recontacted the same lady, Amethyst, and she had the before-mentioned ad available that was compatible and suitable for my blog (only one ad per blog is allowable this year). I have no idea what the exact criteria is for being chosen--it could be number of followers, number of clicks per day, subject matter on your blog, or number of posts per month. I can't guarantee you will chosen nor what the link will be nor what the amount that you receive will be if your blog is chosen nor if she will answer...BUT, Amethyst wrote me this morning that she has more links for blogs. I told her I'd spread the word...and that's what I'm doing now. Getting a little extra money is a big blessing to me, and I hope you will be able to receive a little blessing as well. What could popping off an email hurt? It could actually help. Just send a request for an ad link on your blog along with your blog address to Amethyst at Tell them I send you if you'd like....and then come back to let me know if you if it works out for you.


WhineNRoses said...

Your blog is sooooo pretty!!
I would like to find out more info on putting an ad on my blog!
What do I do?
Thank you!

treasurefield said...

I was able to take advantage of that offer last year as well. It was a HUGE help, since we were hurting financially and trying to do our holiday shopping without credit cards.
It occurred to me a few days ago to check into it again, but I couldn't remember the name. Thought I'd have to dig through my ton of emails. Thank you so much for saving my from that. LOL!
Best to you,
Alisa :)

Holly said...

NEED a faithful place, please allow me to have the christian based blog badge.

holly biel
aka alteredanne
aka prettypolkadotsbyholly