Saturday, October 3, 2009

Honesty and Character

I've received 100's of spam e-mails this past week. I don't keep a spam filter on our email account because when we did this last we ended up not getting several very important emails. So, I methodically hit that delete button cleaning up all the clutter and junk (it's amazing the word "delete" hasn't rubbed off the button yet). Obviously people have had a great deal of fun selling and reselling our email try to catch us off get us to buy whatever junk we don't want or need...or worse yet to try to get information from us that they can use to their benefit and our detriment. Sometimes you wonder, "Is there ANYONE honest out there?"

Well, I found out that, yes, indeed, there are a few honest people with character still in the world. I had to go to the doctor's office for a rather stressful appointment, and inadvertently I left my wallet sitting there in the waiting room--the busy clinic's waiting room. Home I came...through the a ringing telephone. It was the receptionist at the clinic saying that my wallet was there. Someone had turned it in. Immediately my mind raced to the debit cards, credit card, drivers' license, bead shop punch card (okay, not really THAT card) that someone could have taken, copied, etc. Well, the receptionist said a lady saw it and turned it in. They didn't know/remember who she was because I asked hoping at the very least to thank her properly. Everything was there. No cards stolen. No problems with empty bank accounts (not that anyone would have gotten much). No headaches with trying to clear up my name on credit reports. I am so thankful--grateful beyond words--that in this world of scams and dishonesty, there was someone with character and honesty who did the right thing. I wish I could have thanked her--given her a little gift perhaps. I've prayed that in my stead the Lord will bless her with extra special blessings because He knows the entire situation and who was involved, and I know and trust that He will answer my prayer.


Mary said...

That is rare these days, but its happened to me as well, to my shock. Happy to hear that you got the wallet back, and I'm pretty sure she will be blessed for her honesty.

God bless,

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Michele I'm so glad to hear about the sweet angle that helped you at the doctors. I think the idea is - that you help someone else.