Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sea Glass Found in Maine

I just couldn't wait to post the picture of the sea glass I found in Maine this past time. It is so fun and relaxing to search beaches looking for the little gems. Sea glass is glass from bottles and other items that has been thrown into the ocean from years past, broken up by the motion of the waves over the sandy and rocky bottom of the sea, and thrown up onto land by the waves. The glass comes in all colors of course--some colors more rare than others. There is plenty of brown, white, and beautiful shades of green. It is exciting to find light to dark turquoise, blue in various hues, red, pink, yellow, and light to dark purple (my daughter found one as you can see in this picture--a definite deep amethyst color). To find a piece of glass all roughened by the sea and in a gorgeous color is most exciting! It actually feels as if you are finding a precious gemstone. Many beaches in Maine have sea glass--some more than others, and you really must be determined to look. Some pieces are sharp and should be left to roughen up more. The best pieces (other than those with gorgeous colors) are ones that are "gum drops" as my mom calls them--so pitted and roughened by the sea they look like they are sugared gum drops (like the brown piece at the bottom left of the picture)--and pieces that you can tell they were part of a bottle, like the curved white piece at the bottom left, the white piece in the picture with "PA" on it, or the green piece with the maple leaf imprint on it. I have one piece from a past trip with "TEA" on it--perfect for me! Though I did not find any on this trip, my parents have found in the past small bottles and complete tops of perfume bottles. Lovely! Also, you can see in this picture a few pieces of broken teacups were found. I thought I'd include a penny for size perspective. Enjoy looking at my cache--real treasures indeed!


Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Hi! I can over from the CL forum. I have never heard of "sea glass"~ they really are quite beautiful. I will certainly be keeping my eyes out for these little treasures when I am at the beach this summer.

West Coast Sea Glass said...

Hello Sea Glass Friends,

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Karen said...

I too love looking for sea glass. This is a new hobby for me and I try and get to the beach when ever the weather permits. I hope to find a red one soon. Love your blog!