Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back from Vacation in Maine

I'm back from my vacation visiting family in Maine. My husband is always so kind to make sure I get back "home" every year to visit my family and where I grew up. I love the coast and we went "to the coast" several times during our visit. A few times while on the coast were sunny, but most were foggy which can still be beautiful and romantic. We took a sail on the Margaret Todd (the only four-masted ship in New England) and even helped hoist the sails--no small feat! I tried to get a picture of her lovely reddish-brown sails in full sail, but whenever I had the chance it was too foggy to get a good picture. Visit the website about the trips aboard her on www.downeastwindjammer.com and for a good picture as well. Of course we went looking for sea glass, but I will tell you about that later!

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