Thursday, January 24, 2013


This has been a busy month.  I've been working on my taxes which is always a fun time. However, when I've needed a break from doing those, I've been creating a little and organizing a lot.  There were things to be made...and, alas, it was taking me awhile to create because I couldn't find anything!  Imagine that!  So, I decided to organize my box of tiny old jewelry bits...into smaller boxes of organized bits.  I just love little tiny bits of things--always have.  AND, I love to move them about and work with them with a long-handled, pointy-ended tweezers.  Perhaps I'm a frustrated brain surgeon!  We can all be thankful, though, that I'm only working with tiny flowers and glass bunnies.
Now I keep my tiny flower pieces--things I've collected to create with for years and am still collecting--in an old Sucrets tin. 

I have my little creatures--little birds, bugs, and bunnies--in a pretty white container.

My bigger flowers and creatures for perfume bottles are in a different section of my vintage jewelry organizers.  I made a few collage pieces last night, and it's amazing how well I can find things now that I'm more organized.  Now to organize the rest of my craft room!
Thank you to those who wrote with tips on helping me around Blogger!  Thankfully my blog list has reappeared, and pictures can now be downloaded.  Whew!  Happy day to you all.

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