Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Disappearing Blog List and New Tin

Well, I'm not sure what has happened to my list of blogs that I frequent...but my list is missing! Not that this hasn't happened before...and not that the list doesn't return eventually...BUT I've been nervously checking each day to see if my list has reappeared just in case this time it happens to be the time when my list disappears forever. Also, I miss reading about what is going on with my fellow bloggers. Guess I'll have to wait this one out (again!).  Also, I can only download pictures when I'm in Google Chrome---perhaps we are being strongly encouraged to only use Chrome.  Who knows?

Whenever I go thrift shop or antique hunting I rarely ever buy anything to keep...though that doesn't mean that most things I buy I'd LOVE to keep. However, a person can only have so much "stuff" pretty or not. However, I saw this tin at our local antique mall (my favorite mall), and immediately I knew this was a keeper. I really like the pattern on this tin--fancy roses. It was made in Belgium and probably came originally filled candy.  I've seen many over the years and have passed several up. The price was right on this one...$4.95...and I knew it was destined for our laundry room. Our laundry room is a bright, cheery yellow with plenty of pink rose/green/garden themed items. I think it looks quite at home with the green spritzer on the window sill.



Pretty tin!
I'm loading my photos by clicking on HMTL thing and then back to Compose! Not even sure what google chrome is...

Bernideen said...

Maybe you did what I did last year when instead of hitting the save button - I hit the 'REMOVE' button.

I love your sweet tin! I will try your word verfication - I rarely get it!