Thursday, July 19, 2012

Yard Sale Tresures and Still Hopping

First of all, I'm still working my way through the "Where Bloggers Create 2012" list.  Wow!  What a list!  It is huge.  I decided to start at the bottom of the list and work my way up.  There are still many more blogs to visit, so it will take me awhile to get to them all.  I'm amazed at the beautiful, inspiring places people have to create in.  Just lovely!  I've enjoyed hopping through the party...and am still going at it.

Mom and I decided to go to yard sales today.  I got the kids up earlier than usual, and off we went.  We couldn't find one in town...not one!  Since it was still too early to do much shopping (like at the local thrift store), we just decided to go home.  Mom decided to go the "back way" through the country to get home...and wallah!...a garage sale.  It was amazing.  Unfortunately they had started on Monday (we're trying not to think of what was there on Monday), but they were selling 25 years worth of things and were moving....and selling everything by the box full....*cheap*. 

I was able to snag a beautiful mirror for $4 and a few box fulls of things spending only about $15 total.  There is some nice new material to redo a chair and stool that need to be redone.

One box I saw two things on top I wanted...not knowing exactly what was in there until I got home and unwrapped everything.  There were many pieces of beautiful cut glass.

 How exciting!  I don't have a picture, but Mom found two big sections of an antique, hand-made crazy quilt with all of this beautiful hand embroidery on it.  One section had been stitched onto an old feed sack.  It was amazing.

What a blessing to find some great things at reasonable prices.  I guess...who needs many garage sales to go to if you can find some treasures at only one? 

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