Friday, July 13, 2012

Felt Projects

I had been wanting to work on some fresh products...and projects that traveled well when we went to Montana.  While actual "felting" sounds intriguing, I figure that is something I don't want to do right now.  However, I love the idea of stitching onto felt.  I've embroidered since I was quite young--my grandmother taught me--and have done many projects moving on to cross stitch in my younger adult years.  I liked the idea of embroidering and stitching beads onto felt, so I bought many different colors of quality felt and have been stitching ever since.  It takes me forever to finish something these days, but it has been such fun coming up with ideas and actually doing them.  There are so many ideas in my just for the time to DO them.  Here are some projects I've finished....
This has not only beads and embroidery but also some small vintage crochet pieces found at a barn sale and a thrift shop.

This one was fun!  You know I love roses and old doors (just check out my Pinterest pins). 

This needlebook took me awhile to do.  I was inspired by the springtime needlebook swap hosted by Button Floozies this past spring.  The inside has more embroidery and a little pocket and place for needles. 

All of these are listed in my Etsy shop and are for sale (along with some other felt projects including a pair of earrings).  


Mrs A. said...

The pink heart is really pretty and the door with roses round it is fab too. Hugs Mrs A.

HandMade Gifts and Souvenirs said...

Lovely heart!

bois-fleurie said...

I loved seeing your creating corner, I have a gloomy room at the top of the house and it sometimes makes me feel cut off from the world.I must hop over and look at your Etsy site
because i see you make lovely things.